January 31, 2016

We have started taking pre-orders for a 4th run of the deck! Hard to believe that in a little over a year we would be on our fourth run. We are also going to be offering a 6 week class on using the tarot as a tool of transformation, as it was intended to be.

July 15, 2015

The First Edition Set has been a great success and almost all the orders have been shipped.

Due to much demand, a second run of just the deck and book will be run. The cost is $35 plus postage. US addresses will ship Priority Mail only. All other addresses will ship International First Class or International Priority Mail. We will be taking orders for the second run until September 1, 2015.

To order your set, click on the Orders link above.

News! April 9, 2015

Pre-Order Reservations for 1st Edition Set Available!

The book is in the editing process, the deck is complete, and we are ready to take reservations for the First Edition Set, which includes the Hekate Tarot Deck, the accompanying book, and a special keepsake box with art from the tarot featured on the lid.

Go to the Pre-Order page on our website to reserve your copy of the deck now!

Image description
Image description

News! January 30, 2015


All the cards in the deck have been completed (Bless That!) and we have tried out one test layout for the printed cards, didn't like it and restarted. The second time through is complete and we are awaiting arrival of the new cards from the printer. Hoping this works.


A while ago we asked if there would be interest in a special first run, and we have had enough positive response where we will be offering a special first edition of the deck and book as a set. This set will include the deck, the book, and a keepsake quality box decorated with art from the deck that is large enough to use as a container for the deck. Check back here frequently for information on how to pre-order this set. It will be available by pre-order ONLY. We have to know ahead of time how many of those keepsake boxes to order!

News! January 9, 2015

I have been home ill today, so when I have the energy, I have been resizing the tarot into the new format. In small doses (4-6 cards at a time with breaks between) I have managed to reformat almost the whole deck.

News! January 3, 2015

Hope and I are thrilled to welcome aboard Tara Sanchez as editrix extraordinaire for the book! To learn more about our wonderful editrix, you can check our hr blog:


News! December 1, 2014

The final image of the Major Arcana has arrived in my inbox! I am working on converting it into a card today. I want this done, and I want to move forward!

Bless This!

Io Hekate!

All art and words are copyright 2014 Tinnekke Bebout and Hope Ezerins for The Hekate Tarot. All rights are reserved.

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